Holiday Respite Village

The holiday respite village consists of 15 two bedroom villas. There will be five duplex villas; and, five single villas. It is also proposed to construct a swimming centre.

Below is a site plan of the village.

Holiday Respite Village Siteplan (Click to expand). See documention page for full detail image.

Below is a typical floor plan of a villa.

Floorplan (Click to expand)


Proposal for an office for the respite holiday village

The original development approval for the 15 cottage respite holiday village identified that an office was to be constructed next to the existing cottage which is at the intersection of Mullaway Drive and Arrawarra Road, Mullaway.  The original approval also restricted laundry facilities being provided in the individual cottages, thus requiring a separate laundry facility to be constructed.

An application has been lodged with Coffs Harbour City Council to alter the existing cottage on Mullaway Drive to permit the construction of  an office, garage,  laundry and related storage facilities as an extension of the existing cottage.

Additions Floorplan (Click to expand)

Additions Elevations (Click to expand)


Additions Siteplan (Click to expand)