Nature Reserve

Proposal for a Nature Reserve on Darkum Creek  Mullaway

As a part of the proposal for the establishment of the over 55’s village on Darkum Road Mullaway, there has been lodged with the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage a proposal to create in perpetuity a Nature Reserve along Darkum Creek at Mullaway.

The final plans for this Nature Reserve will include any proposals for fire-trails, bike trails, walking paths, bushland restoration and maintenance. These final plans will require the approval of the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage before those proposals can proceed.

The proposals for the maintenance of the land will also include the establishment of a trust fund that is administered by the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage. That trust fund will be utilised to pay for people to restore and maintain the Nature Reserve.

Below is a map which identifies the approximate area of land that is being proposed for this Nature Reserve.

Biobank Map